SharkFest'24 US

Gotta catch 'em all! A field test of portable gigabit taps
06-19, 17:00–18:00 (America/New_York), Potomac Ballroom

Capturing packets on the road can be a challenge. Do you have access to the switch? Are you able to install Wireshark on the endpoints. What if one side says it sends packets, but the other side does not receive them. There are many situations in which a tap might be handy or needed to make a useful packet capture. In those cases, having a portable tap in your laptop bag is a life-saver.

There are a few portable USB powered gigabit Ethernet taps on the market that have different capabilities. I made an overview of available portable taps and reached out to vendors to supply me one for a thorough test. This presentation gives an overview of the portable gigabit taps on the market, their capabilities and how well they performed on the test-bench.

Sake has been analyzing packets for over 20 years. During his work, Sake started developing functionality for Wireshark while working with the analyzer in his day-to-day job. He also enhanced multiple protocol dissectors. In 2007, Sake joined the Wireshark Core Development team. In 2009, After working for a reseller of networking equipment for 8 years, he started the company SYN-bit to provide network analysis and training services to enterprises across Europe.

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