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Asaf Fried

Asaf Fried is a data scientist for Cato Networks and previously held the same role at Check Point Software. He earned a MS degree from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev with his thesis “Facing Airborne Attacks on ADS-B Data with Autoencoders” and received a Bachelors degree in computer science from Reichman University.

  • Passive Fingerprinting Methods for IoT Profiling
Betty DuBois

Betty DuBois unlocks the power of packets to resolve NetOps and SecOps issues. Founder of Packet Detectives, an application & network performance consulting and training firm the Washington, D.C area. She has been solving packet mysteries since 1997.

Experienced with a range of hardware and software packet capture solutions, she captures the right data, in the right place, and at the right time to find the real culprit.

Using packets to solve crimes against networks and applications is her passion. Teaching others to do the same is her calling.

  • TCP Retransmissions - How many is "too" many?
Chris Greer

Like you, Chris likes digging into packet captures to figure out how things work. When he is not teaching people the art of packet analysis in live courses, YouTube videos, or at conference seminars, you can find him in the packet trenches with clients from all over the world. Chris has been attending and speaking at Sharkfest since 2011 and enjoys learning new things right alongside attendees of all experience levels.

  • Pre-conference class I: Core Wireshark Skills for Network Engineers and Security Pros
  • Pre-conference class I: Core Wireshark Skills for Network Engineers and Security Pros
  • Will QUIC Kill TCP?
Chris Hull

Chris is a network engineer and packet analysis expert, currently working network operations at Capital One. Chris has previously worked at OPNET/Riverbed, first as a developer, and later in professional services. In OPNET, he developed and led the STAR24 service, providing a quick response, guaranteed, application and network performance troubleshooting service. This experience has carried through to Capital One, where he provides network monitoring visibility, incident analyses and network architecture support. Recent efforts include replacement of network visibility solutions, supporting our now-completed zero datacenter migration and COVID/WFH engineering.

  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Without Packet Traces
Chuck Craft

“Those who can, do; those who can’t, support the doers.”

After a (successful?, satisfying?) career in IT, Chuck spends his free time answering questions on with occasional Commits to the Wireshark code.

  • Three-dimensional display filters with MATE
Gerald Combs

Creator and lead developer, Wireshark

  • Keynote: "... So that's what we did!
Jaap Keuter

Studied telecommunications and computer systems. Worked for a PBX manufacturer and currently for a manufacturer of telecommunication transmission systems, in the role of embedded software engineer. Along the way I started using what was then called Ethereal, enhancing it and providing bug fixes, which eventually lead to becoming a core developer.

Besides this I like to spend time in the air, either skydiving or flying gliders.

  • Dissector developer design notes
Jasper Bongertz

Jasper Bongertz is a network security expert with focus on network forensics and incident response at Airbus Defence and Space CyberSecurity. He started working freelance in 1992 while he was studying computer science at the Technical University of Aachen. In 2009, Jasper became a Senior Consultant and Trainer for Fast Lane, where he created a large training portfolio with a special focus on Wireshark and network hacking. In 2013, he joined Airbus Defence and Space CyberSecurity, before moving on to G Data Advanced Analytics in 2019 where he is now the head of the CyberSecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

Jasper is the creator of the packet analysis tool TraceWrangler, which can be used to convert, edit and sanitize PCAP files. His blog regarding network analysis, network forensics and general security topics can be found at

  • The Packet Doctors are in! Packet trace examinations with the experts
  • Advanced TCP Troubleshooting
John Pittle

As a Performance Management Strategist, John helps his customers develop and execute strategies for integrating Performance Management as an IT discipline across the organization. He has been actively focused on Performance Engineering and Analysis for networks, systems, and applications since the early 90s; performance troubleshooting is his passion and joy. His packet analysis toolbox includes Wireshark (of course), as well as NetShark, AppResponse, Packet Analyzer, and Transaction Analyzer.

  • Wireshark plus Advanced Analytics – Better Together (2 part session)
  • Wireshark plus Advanced Analytics – Better Together (2 part session)
Josh Clark

Josh is a Distributed Performance Engineer at Huntington Bank who uses his deep knowledge of network protocols and application behavior to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in application architectures.

  • Packet-Guided Infrastructure Optimization
Karinne Bessette
  • Filters from a novice; Back to the Basics
Kary Rogers

Kary attended his first Sharkfest over 10 years ago and has been hooked ever since. He spent many years in tech support solving customer problems by understanding what the packets were trying to say. These days he leads the Services Excellence team for Zscaler Customer Success.

  • Using Wireshark to Solve Real Problems for Real People
Kirsten Stoner

Passionate Technologist with a demonstrated history of creating technical content including videos, presentations, and digital written collateral. Working in the information technology and services industry for over 10 years, I continue to develop my technical acumen while advancing my strategic and product messaging skills. Besides this, I continue to participate in the technical community sharing my knowledge as well as learning from others. I am someone who can "figure it out" with a sense of urgency and professionalism.

  • Filters from a novice; Back to the Basics
Mark Stout

24 years in wireless technologies CDMA, LTE, and 5G. Daily user of wireshark fort troubleshooting network, and design issues.

  • 3GPP and me! A walk through of mobility
Megumi Takeshita

Megumi Takeshita, packet otaku, runs a packet company, ikeriri network service in Japan. Ikeriri offers services such as packet analysis for troubleshooting, debugging, security inspection. Ikeriri is also a reseller of wired/wireless capture and analysis products. Megumi has authored 10+ books about Wireshark and packet analysis. She also instructs Wireshark for Japanese companies including Japan Self Defense Forces and Chuo university as lecturer. She is one of contributors to the Wireshark projects including Japanese localization.

  • Finding Duplications with Wireshark
Mike Kershaw

Author of the Kismet wireless sniffer and IDS, as well as other open source wireless-adjacent tools.

  • Logging and Packet-like Objects
Murat Bilgic

Murat Bilgic has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and is the VP of Technology Realization at B-Yond, with past technology leadership roles at TMO, Nortel, EXFO and others. He has 30 years of experience in designing wireless data networks specializing in GSM, UMTS, LTE, 802.11, UMA, IP, virtualization and software defined networking, design, deployment, testing, standardization, network planning, capacity analysis, and intellectual property generation.

  • Enhancing Wi-Fi Networks with AI: A Deep Dive into Machine Learning for Wi-Fi Health Checks
Nigel Douglas

Nigel Douglas plays a key role in driving education for the detection and response segment for cloud and container security at Sysdig. He spends his time drafting articles, blogs, and taking the stage to help bring awareness to how security needs to change in the cloud.

Prior to his current role at Sysdig, he held similar engineering roles at security vendors such as Tigera, Malwarebytes and Solarwinds.

He has recently completed a Master of Science in Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Trust at South East Technological University in Ireland.

  • An API-Driven approach to automating packet captures in cloud-native systems
Peter Wu

Peter Wu is part of the Research Team at Cloudflare, working on various TLS and cryptography-related projects. He is a contributor to many open source projects, including Wireshark, where he started in 2013 with TLS decryption improvements in order to assist in analyzing encrypted application traffic. Peter added TLS 1.3, QUIC, and WireGuard decryption support to Wireshark and aims to help everyone understand their traces.

  • Real-world post-quantum TLS
Roland Knall

Being a software developer and systems architect for the more than 25 years, Roland Knall primarily focusses on the social aspect of software engineering as well as network analysis and packet capture

  • Smart Networks: Automating Analysis and Troubleshooting with AI Chatbots
  • Panel Discussion: Steering the Wireshark project into the future
Ross Bagurdes

Ross has had a diverse career in engineering, beginning as a structural engineer, then project engineer for a gas utility, Ross was always quickly
assigned the de-facto network administrator, typically after no one else was brave enough to break, and later fix, the network. This lead to working as a network engineer designing and implementing enterprise networks for a major university hospital. Here he worked with
Extreme Networks, HP, Cisco, Tipping Point, among other network technology, as well as honed his Wireshark and protocol analysis skills. Ross
spent 7 years teaching data networking at Madison College, and in 2017 started authoring and producing IT training videos in Wireshark/Protocol
Analysis, Cisco, and general networking topics for In his free time, you'll find Ross and his dog at the beach swimming and
surfing, traveling, hiking, or snowboarding somewhere in the western US.

  • Pre-conference class I: Core Wireshark Skills for Network Engineers and Security Pros
  • Pre-conference class I: Core Wireshark Skills for Network Engineers and Security Pros
  • Bake your own Pi: Building a TLS Decrypting Wireless Traffic Sniffer
  • The Packet Doctors are in! Packet trace examinations with the experts
Sake Blok

Sake has been analyzing packets for over 20 years. During his work, Sake started developing functionality for Wireshark while working with the analyzer in his day-to-day job. He also enhanced multiple protocol dissectors. In 2007, Sake joined the Wireshark Core Development team. In 2009, After working for a reseller of networking equipment for 8 years, he started the company SYN-bit to provide network analysis and training services to enterprises across Europe.

  • Pre-conference class II: Wireshark Filtering Masterclass
  • The Packet Doctors are in! Packet trace examinations with the experts
  • Gotta catch 'em all! A field test of portable gigabit taps
Stephen Donnelly

Stephen has worked on packet capture and time-stamping systems for 20 years, earning his PhD for “High Precision Timing in Passive Measurements of Data Networks” from the University of Waikato, New Zealand.
A founding employee of Endace, Stephen has developed FPGA-based packet capture and timing systems, clock synchronization systems, and high-performance network monitoring virtualization, and collaborated with customers in telcos, finance, test & measurement, enterprise, and government agencies to solve unique problems.
Stephen is a contributor to the Wireshark, libpcap, Zeek, and Suricata open-source projects.

  • Cloud doesn’t have Packets!
Wireshark Foundation
  • Check-In & Badge Pick-Up + Breakfast
  • Check-In & Badge Pick-Up + Breakfast
  • Check-In & Badge Pick-Up + Breakfast
  • Check-In & Badge Pick-Up + Breakfast
  • Check-In & Badge Pick-Up + Breakfast
  • Check-In & Badge Pick-Up
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  • Check-In & Badge Pick-Up + Breakfast
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