SharkFest'24 US

Wireshark plus Advanced Analytics – Better Together (2 part session)

  • 06-18, 15:30–17:00, Great Falls
  • 06-18, 17:15–18:15, Great Falls

All times in America/New_York

Real life troubleshooting a difficult 3rd party software performance issue with using Wireshark and Advanced Analytics

Join us for a troubleshooting deep dive into solving a difficult problem occurring within Webex login from 2018, known as the 98% hang condition. We’ll showcase how the partnership of Wireshark and Advanced Analytics can be leveraged to quickly isolate the fault domain. Captures will be provided for use during the session. Session is half presentation and half hands-on lab with Wireshark.

As a Performance Management Strategist, John helps his customers develop and execute strategies for integrating Performance Management as an IT discipline across the organization. He has been actively focused on Performance Engineering and Analysis for networks, systems, and applications since the early 90s; performance troubleshooting is his passion and joy. His packet analysis toolbox includes Wireshark (of course), as well as NetShark, AppResponse, Packet Analyzer, and Transaction Analyzer.