SharkFest'24 US

Bake your own Pi: Building a TLS Decrypting Wireless Traffic Sniffer
06-18, 14:00–15:00 (America/New_York), Great Falls

Ever struggled with capturing traffic from your mobile device or felt stumped by encrypted applications? Dive into this comprehensive session to build your very own wired or wireless traffic sniffer using a Raspberry Pi.

In this engaging workshop, you'll explore:

• Selecting the ideal Raspberry Pi hardware and components.
• Choosing the best Raspbian OS versions.
• Building proper interface and routing configurations.
• Setting up a wireless AP.
• Generating and installing certificates.
• Setting up a TLS proxy to export session keys.
• Connecting devices to capture their traffic.
• Limitations of the device and configuration.
• Addressing critical security and privacy considerations associated with the device.
Walk away with the confidence and knowledge to construct a wireless capture device, granting you the power to decrypt and troubleshoot applications with ease(results may vary)

Ross has had a diverse career in engineering, beginning as a structural engineer, then project engineer for a gas utility, Ross was always quickly
assigned the de-facto network administrator, typically after no one else was brave enough to break, and later fix, the network. This lead to working as a network engineer designing and implementing enterprise networks for a major university hospital. Here he worked with
Extreme Networks, HP, Cisco, Tipping Point, among other network technology, as well as honed his Wireshark and protocol analysis skills. Ross
spent 7 years teaching data networking at Madison College, and in 2017 started authoring and producing IT training videos in Wireshark/Protocol
Analysis, Cisco, and general networking topics for In his free time, you'll find Ross and his dog at the beach swimming and
surfing, traveling, hiking, or snowboarding somewhere in the western US.

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